Day 154: Damn, this traffic jam…

First, you’re welcome for the ear worm. Second, if anyone would like to join me in a session of listening to James Taylor, or anyone else, I would find that far more relaxing than my attempt to learn SEO. Actually, at this point in time, I’m not even positive if I’m yet trying to learn SEO, or trying to figure out whether that’s the best thing for me to learn or if there’s some other method of traffic increasing I need to know.

Upshot: The Internet is confusing. Remember our pre-Internet days? I do. They were nice. We rode our bikes, and read our books, and tweeting was left to the birds. But, as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, and so if I have to do the Internet, by God, I need to learn how to do it better. That means learning how to increase traffic to this blog, of course, but in the grander scheme of things, it means learning valuable new skills that will help me in my professional life.

Foolish lady I am, however, I thought: “Oh, hey, for my new thing today, I’ll learn SEO!” And then I go one one site, one, and I’m like, “Oh boy, that’s a lot of information.” And then I feel like this…


Clearly, this is something that is going to take me more than an afternoon to learn. So, anyone have any good tips or resources? Feeling a little overwhelmed and impatient right now.

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2 thoughts on “Day 154: Damn, this traffic jam…

  1. DS says:

    Patience is a virtue. Blogging for profit is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. You really have to be patient when building your audience. Content is as important and SEO and should be looked at first. I personally feel that there is some work to do here.

    Informative blogs seem to do best since people are often looking for information about one topic or another. It’s hard to get people interested in your day to day life when it has no bearing on their own unless there is some way that they can relate on a personal level.

    I did see an article on another blog that may help a bit; It isn’t new but it has a lot of info about blogging for profit. Scroll down a ways and you’ll find a short section about SEO that may help get you pointed in the right direction.

    Good luck.

    • hollyleber says:

      Thank you! You are absolutely correct. I much prefer blogs that either have an informative aspect or that welcome discussion. It’s one of the things I’ve been struggling with a bit in this experiment, so making the entries relatable is something to work on. Thank you for the link to the article about blogging for profit. Actually, the whole site looks pretty interesting. Much appreciated.

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