Day 158: Somewhere over the rainbow

Maybe it’s a DC thing, or maybe it’s the fact that I make a point of avoiding parades (with the exception of watching the Macy’s parade at Thanksgiving), but the Capital Pride parade involved a lot more political candidates than I typically imagine when I imagine parades. And frankly, I wasn’t hugely impressed with any of them. 

I mean, if you’re going to be marching/riding in a gay pride parade to encourage people to vote for you, at least rock some of pride bling that the participants and observers were wearing, like a set of rainbow wings. Don’t just wave your little mini flag while your interns throw beads. Yes, there were beads. Like at Mardi Gras, but there was no obligation to show your breasts (although some people did that voluntarily). 



There were some decent floats, though I do have to say that these DC folks have nothing on the Parisians I saw in 1998. Those people knew how to be fabuleuse. Gyrating in underwear is not hugely impressive. I give more credit for creativity to the onlookers. 



A rather significant moment: The U.S. Armed Forces Color Guard marching, reportedly a first time occurrence. 


Now, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t know how much I think a parade can effect change. That’s probably because I’m someone who is unlikely to go to a parade celebrating something I do support, much less one celebrating something I don’t. But I will say that there was a definite celebratory, block party feel, and that is essential as well, whatever your cause — that spirit of unity. 


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