Day 159: The sound of steampunk

For someone who has never had any major affinity for science fiction, fantasy, magic, etc., I seem to surround myself with people who possess quite a fondness for these particular genres. One such friend introduced me today to the concept of steampunk music, in particular the works of Steam Powered Giraffe and Abney Park. 



My first impression is that it’s not really my taste. Which isn’t surprising. I like some aesthetic aspects of the steampunk genre, particularly where there’s a Victorian influence, but overall I’m not enamored (unless you count the Sherlock Holmes movies, but that might be more Robert Downey, Jr. than anything else). 

That said, I didn’t wholly dislike it. I wish I could explain a little more, but I’m not great with describing musical genres. It’s a little too… electronic-y for me, maybe? There was one song, Brass Goggles, that was rather swing-reminiscent. I enjoyed that one. And while I admire the creativity required for creating a world within the world, my instinctual reaction to the idea of creating fictional characters for the purpose of a musical group is, again, not really my bag. I think I’d have to say that my appreciation, or lack thereof, for this genre of music is probably ultimately based on each individual song. 

But that’s the point here. To try things I might not be inclined to otherwise try. I never said I have to like the new things, just that I need to try them. 

What about you? What have you tried lately that you didn’t love, but you’re still glad to have tried it?

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One thought on “Day 159: The sound of steampunk

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