Day 161: What’s the verb form of zumba?

Nothing like a first zumba class to make a lady feel confident.

I am totally kidding. 

“I was reminded of just how very white I am,” I informed my boyfriend. “I feel like I have much better rhythm when I’m dancing alone at home.”

He scoffed lovingly. “That’s like the people who say they’re so much better at pool when they’re drunk.” But seriously, I do. 

During the summer (read: in the stifling humidity), there are free zumba classes on Tuesday nights in downtown Silver Spring. So that means I had an audience for my first attempt at this thing. That also explains why I don’t have photos — where am I supposed to put a camera, in my bra? 

I could not tell you, strictly from trying this class, what zumba actually is. I’d say it’s a sort of Latin dance flavored type of aerobics, maybe? Anyway, it’s fun and you listen to upbeat music and shake what the Good Lord/buttrobics/your plastic surgeon/Ben and Jerry gave you.

On the plus side, I was not the least coordinated person there, so that’s an achievement of sorts. I’d say I was able to – master is too strong a word – not make a complete ass of myself about one-fifth of the time. I also only lasted about 25 of the 60 minutes, due to the aforementioned heat, plus lack of both water and inhaler, plus being in crap shape. But next week, I can try zumbaing (numbing?) again, and maybe I can last longer. 

Every straight woman reading is this like, “I had a boyfriend in college who used to say that. He didn’t.”

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