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Day 162: I’ve got multiple personalities

Not in a Sybil sort of way. I’m pretty dead set on who I am, all day, every day, whether I like it or not. Don’t you love it when people say they are “finding themselves” and what they really mean is that they’re trying to turn themselves into someone they like? Eventually, you are who you are. 


Anyway, I came across this article about Five Labs, an online tool that supposedly judges personality based on Facebook pages. It’s interesting, if not terribly reliable. According to this thing, I’m inventive, analytical, reserved, sensitive and efficient. Okay. That makes some sense. 

It reminded me, you are probably not surprised to know, of the Myers-Briggs personality tests. I know I took one, or a facsimile of one, when I was in college, but I have no recollection of what the result was. 

So, in a bid to find out who the Internet thinks I am, I took the test. First from one site. Then another. You know, some of those questions are annoying. Like “do you enjoy the company of others?” Well, I enjoy the company of people I like. I don’t enjoy the company of people I don’t like. Or “do you take initiative in social situations?” With people I know very well, yes, especially if they’re being indecisive and annoying. At, say, a networking event, I have to force myself not to hide out in the ladies’ room the whole time. 

And what do you know? Two different results. According to one site, I’m INFJ, while another claims I’m INFP. Site one informs me I’m 78 percent introverted, meanwhile this Five Labs thing tells me I’m 41 percent extroverted. Grant you, I’m a lot more comfortable expressing myself in writing than actually being in a roomful of people, so that makes sense. It’s easier to be outgoing online than in person. 

But the lesson to be learned here is this: Don’t believe everything the Internet tells you. 

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Day 134: Flowers, flowers everywhere

So, let me be honest: I have no desire to write tonight. In fact, expect short and sweet the next few days. Because moving. Instead, I offer you pretty photos from my first trip to the very lovely New York Botanical Gardens. 











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Day 45: Remember, it’s not about being good

Happy Valentine’s Day. I celebrated by going to my first kickboxing class.

Okay, technically it was something called “cardio kickboxing,” which basically just means there are no bags, and there’s music, but you still do all the punching and kicking.

I feel like I did okay, for about the first 15 minutes, and then I started to lose steam. By the end of the class, my “kicks” involved flopping my feet two inches off the floor. But I stuck it out the whole time, even if I was completely pathetic.

And that is part of the point here. To remember that it’s okay to not be good at something right away, even when it seems like others around you are good at so much.

Of course, that’s the burden of our culture of oversharing (and yes, I completely recognize the bullshit irony of someone who blogs about random shit she does on a daily basis saying that). It makes us feel like crap about ourselves. I saw something a friend posted on Facebook once — something along the lines of “the problem with social media is that you end up comparing your behind-the-scenes with your friends’  highlight reels.”

And then I end up talking to friends who tell me that seeing other people’s “highlight reels” just depresses them. Which is why sometimes we need to remember that it’s okay to not be good at things, especially at first. That shouldn’t keep us from trying new things. We improve. Or we don’t. And if we don’t, so what?

In my kickboxing class today, there was this little old man. First of all, he was probably in his 70’s, and he was kicking my ass. More importantly, however, he was so marvelously enthusiastic. During warm-ups, he was breaking form, jumping around, shaking his rear.

It was quite inspiring; his upbeat attitude kept my spirits up and helped me to enjoy myself, even though I was flopping around like a fish out of water.

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